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Monday, May 31, 2010


I went shopping with my friends downtown on last Wendsday!

Me and one of my friends bought these wedge heels. They're wonderfull! Very comfortable~

And I bought this lipstick too. I was very curious about the taste: yogurt & fruit. It tastes very good, and lasts longer then other lipsticks. But it's transparent, so I guess it's more of a lipbalm...?

Black Strapped Wedged Heels at Seaside for 19.99€

Yogurt & Fruit Lipbalm at ???(Sorry, can't remember the name of the store) for 3.48€

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dry Lips Treatment Toturial

Here's Michelle Phan's newest DIY video on YouTube:
How to rehidrate your sensitive lips!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Field Trip

I went on a field trip today~
We went to a mosque.

It was nice to learn differences between cultures and religions.

Then, we lunched at Dolce Vita Tejo.

There's so many shops there!

I just loved it; I hope I can go there again!

I bought:

This black cushioned tote bag at Primark for 7€.

I put that keychain on it just to make it a bit cuter. :P

This mint and chocolate chip ice cream lip gloss for 2.50€ and the pack of PEZ for 2.50€ too, both at Claire's.

It was a shame we had so little time to spend at the mall... ;_;

But it's ok!
After that, we went to help at the Banco Alimentar(Food Bank) at Palmela.
We had so much fun there! (:

After the trip, I was so tired, I waited for my other collegues to get out of class, so I wouldn't have to go homw alone, and we all went home together. (:

When I got home, I felt so tired, I just layed on the couch right away for some good 15-20 minutes and then I took a nice calm bath! :D

I loved this day~

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Important Notice To Followers And Readers

Notice to my frequent followers:

I am very sorry my dears, but because of the small amount of time I'm online nowadays, during this period of time, where I have a lot of tests to study for, a lot of projects to finish and stuff to take care of, I will only be able to post "Shopping"&/or "Buys Of The Week" posts with pictures and prices from now on.

I wish I had time for more, but I think it's best to keep posting and narrowing to what is really important and cut the bla bla bla instead of going practicly a week without posting anything... ):

I hope that when school ends, I can start once again making more full, "personal" posts. (:

Thank you for reading and being comprehensive.


Hello everyone! Sorry for hiatus~
School first... ;_;

But let's get to the point. (:

During my history test yesterday, in the morning, me and my friend finished earlier, so the teacher let us go about 20-15 minutes earlier. We went to a shop and I saw these cute little Hello Kitty tubes in a box on the floor behind the counter.

The owners of the shop know me well and I like them alot, so I asked the sir what they were and if I could see them and he let me see a little bunch of them. They were cute hand and body lotions that they had received recently.

I have felt in the past few weeks that a handy cream is an important part missing in my purse, so I bought one.

It was a nice price I think; it has 50 ml of lotion and it comes with a cute kitty dangler, and it was 3€. I didn't know the smell when I bought it, and neither did the couple from the shop, but I tried it right away and it smells so sweet; it smells like bubblegum! Some of my friends think it smells like gummies, sweets, or even toothpaste, but it's basicly that sweet smell from bubblegum, and it's a bit more liquid then usual, so it is very easy to spread!

It leaves my hands smooth and smelling like sweet bubblegum. (:

I love it~

Then, later yesterday, I went shopping with my best friend, her big sis' and her mother after school.

They are all three such dear's for taking me to the mall with them!~

And they want me to go back there with them on Wendsday!

But I don't know... One time is good, but two isn't too much?...

Well, anyways, here's what I got yesterday...

I love Popeye and I still can't change the channel when it's on!! (:

I loved the t-shirt and it looks very well on me. I like the detail on the sleeves, the three little ropes.

I bought that simple black jacket because I have felt lately that I need one urgently, all my jackets are a bit hot for this season and my black one is very old and doesn't fit in my bag, so this one is very hand to just put in my bag in case it get's chillier later. (:

And last but not least, my new ballerinas! They are ADORABLE!! I love them and can't wait to use them~ Maybe next saturday on my friends birthday? (: I'll think of that.

Here are the prices:

  • Popeye T-Shirt by Bershka for 9.95€
  • Black Knit Jacket by Bershka for 12.95€
  • Jean Ballerinas by Stradivarius for 17.95€