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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NPOTW: Red with Rhinestones

Hello there!

Here's my manicure for the week: red with medium rhinestones on my thumb and ring fingers.

Simple, sexy but classy, don't you think?

Here are some photos:

I used three coats of Cliché's Namorada, one coat of Cliché's Ultra Secante, then with some nail glue I glued on the rhinestones and applied another two coats of my top coat.

PS: The nail glue I used was the last from a little tube I had from a fake nail kit. It wasn't worth keeping, so I didn't photograph it as I just threw it away at the end of the week.

Thanks for viewing!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Lined Paper Nails Tutorial

Hello everyone!
I didn't make a NPOTW this week, because I didn't really feel like it, but I'll show you guys what I did as my manicure!
It's a cute back to school idea~
I hope you like it!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NPOTW: Brown With Black Crackle

Hello everyone!
I've been busy, so I had to delay my NPOTW a bit; hope you don't mind~

But anyways, here it is: a slightly glittery brown with black crackle.
It kinda looks like an animal print, don't you think?

I first painted my nail just with 3 coats of Madeira by Cliché and a top coat of Ultra Secante, but I got the feeling that that color was a little too plain or just not my mood this week.

On Monday I went shopping and bought H&M's Black Cracked Nail Polish, and really wanted to try it out, so I did! It gave the perfect touch that I felt I needed on my nails~
I did sideways brush strokes on most nails, but did vertical strokes on two just to see which look I liked best.
I topped it off with a coat of Ultra Secante like always~

Unfortunately, my right ring fingernail broke it's tip on Saturday and my index finger on my left hand suffered even worse; the whole nail broke off!

Oh well~
I hope they both grown back to my preferred size until Halloween. I've got a plan of what I'm gonna wear on my nails for Halloween already! :P

Here's a quick look:

Looks cool, huh?

Well, thanks for viewing!

Monday, September 5, 2011

NPOTW: Pastel Lilac

Hello viewers~

Here's my NPOTW: pastel lilac~

I LOVE this color so much!! I've worn it before several times~

I applied 3 coats of Yes Love's #Y32 and 1 coat of Cliché's Ultra Secante.

I had a few imperfections because I did my manicure at night and I guess it didn't totally dry even with the fast drying top coat, and it had some marks from the sofa's covers when I got up the next day, haha! xD

But nothing that ruined my manicure or even my day, hehe~

Also, I took this photo before i got all the little bits of nail polish that stayed on my skin off of it, but it was just because I wouldn't have the time to do it later and I really wanted to get this posted on time~

I hope you like it!

Thanks for viewing~

NPOTW: Blue with Purple Micro Particles

Hello everyone~

I'm sorry I'm only posting this a week after doing this manicure, but I had such a busy week...

So here is what I used last week: Tatoo by Cliché with two coats of another type of blue which has micro particles of blue and purple.

You can notice the color of Tatoo in the photo with flash, and the other polish in the non-flash photograph.

I applied 3 coats of Cliché's Tatoo, 2 coats of Yes Love's #426 and a coat of Cliché's Ultra Secante to top it off~

Do you like it? I loved this manicure~

I had been wanting to try out Tatoo on my nails, but didn't want to use a color that was so bold that week, so the other polish was a perfect way to tone it down, but leave the splendid color still noticeable~

Hope you like it, and sorry for the delay!