Sweety Makeup

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The other day I went to the supermarket and bought a new lip balm. It smells like banana split and it tastes a bit like it too. It has SPF 15. Never had a lipbalm with spf before, i think...

There were more tropical flavours, but I really wanted this one.
Great for the summer, don't you think?

Hello Kitty Banana Split Lip Balm by Sanrio and Dialfa for 2.79€

And BTW, the other day I bought a new PEZ container with Eeyore on it. It's from the same collection of my Winnie The Pooh one.

Eeyore Pez Container by PEZ for 1.57€(I think. I'm not sure, but it wasn't more then 1.75€)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Here's the shopping I made these past few days:

At Jumbo I bought this promotion sale, two products for the price of one.
Normally, it's a false promotion, and you end up paying more then the price they say you would, but this time, it wasn't.
Next to this exact product was the shampoo, individualy, the same one I got in this pack, and it was exactly the same price, so I decided: "Well, If I really have to buy the shampoo anyways, why not take the promotion and try out this new product?...".

Elvive Shampoo Total Repair 5 + Elvive Conditioner Spray Total Repair 5 by L'Oréal Paris for about 3.95€(not sure about price, but wasn't more then that).

The next day I went downtown a bit and did a little shopping again:

Cell Phone Sock by Lollipops for 2.90€

Stickers for 0.50€ each.(brandless. were bought at chinese shop)

Beibeijia Doll by Maxbiju for 3.00€
I can't believe I found this at a random little shop! These are so adored on the internet!
As soon as I saw one behind the shop's windows, I had to at least check it out...
...Who am I kidding?! I bought her right away!
I think I'm going to wait some time and go back to the shop, to ask the nice lady if new dolls are coming soon! :)

Hello Kitty Surprise Bubble Keychain by Dolci Preziosi for 1.00€

DoReMi Dress Up Stickers by... Elite I think?, for 0.80€

Giveaway at Strawberry Anarchy

Strawberry Anarchy is having a delightfull giveaway!
Miquette is very sweet~
She's offering a 40$ gift certificate for her etsy and folksy shop!
Entries close today at midnight GMT!

PS: Follow her blog, it's awesome, and congrat her on the baby girl she's going to have! (:

Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Stickers

My relative has arrived recently from Canada and they brought me some cute stickers!
They're all beautiful
My collection is getting too large for just one shoe box! :D (That's where I store them so they're safe and organized all in one place. ;P)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Free Intimate Samples and Necessaire

During past February, a lady went to my school to give one of those classes where they say how to use properly menstrual pads and etc.

At the end she gave every girl a simple form to complete so we could receive at home a cute necessaire with free samples of each type of pads, types of tampons, etc.

I received mine recently and I think it's cute!
I'm planing on using the necessaire for my days on the beach, because it has small holes that might be handy to let the sand that enters to come out by itself.

It alsow came with a cupon for a discount of 0.50€ on certain products.
Here it is:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2nd Nail Deco

My second nail deco other then just using nail polish:
Nail polish called França by Cliché and glittery/sparkly red hearts decorating each nail.
I used a random brand of transparent nail polish to glue on and cover the red hearts.
I think it looks cute! Wouldn't it be a cute simple nail art for valentine's day?

The hearts are all red, but they kind of change colors judging by the way the lights hit them, know what I mean?...

I think I'm getting better at nail deco, even if I've only officially tried 2 time's so far~ :P

New Bikini

I bought a colorful new bikini!
Can't wait to try it out, it looks cute on me~
It can be used on both sides: plain Magenta or the side with polkadots.

Double Sided Bikini by Tezenis, Both parts(top and bottom) were sold seperatly, and were each 9.90€.

The last photo show's my favourite combination(from the 4 possible).

Sunday, June 20, 2010

1st Nail Deco

This was the first time I put decorations on my nails other then the nail polish.
I wanted to try out the
peach colored hearts I bought recently and the transparent pearls too:

I think they look cute and very simple!

Good for a first try~

What I wanted to test more is if the pearls and hearts would stick well to my nails, wich they have. I did them 4 days ago and have done all my normal day stuff and not a single pearl or heart has come off or moved either! I didn't use nail glue, I just used nail polish to glue them and 2 or three coats on top of them(mainly 3 on the pearls nail and on the hearts 1 or 2 coats).

This nail polish color is Renda by Risqué, and I used a random brand of transparent nail polish over it.

I can't wait to use the red hearts and silver nail polish!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Both my exams are finally done and I can say I'm officially on vacation!!
I think I gave my total best on both exams, now all I can do is wait! :E
The results come out very soon, but just a few days is still torture!
But I can be very patient~ (;

Alsow, I bought this very adorable Hello Kitty pen the other day.

It's small, just perfect to have in my purse(alsow to put in my pocket. I used it for both my exams) and it writes very well and has a very sharp point, makes a very simple and thin black ink line.

Bought at Tiara for 2.50€ (made by Sanrio of course~)

Have a happy summer!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


On Monday, I went to school to check my grades and see where my exams were.
When I left, I went to a few chinese shops to do some cheap spoiling for myself. :P
So here's what I bought:

At the first shop I bought:

A cute Air Mail Letter shaped wallet/necessaire. It's an imitation of Hello Kitty, Kikky, but I didn't even think twice about that! I love this little pouch because it's very cute, original, unnusual to see and adorable. Being it an imitation of HK or not! It was 4.50€. Kinda pricey, but I think it was worth it. (:

Little Red Hearts Nail Art by Easy Paris for 0.75€

Little Peach Colored Fabric Hearts by Easy Paris for 0.75€

Little Transparent Pearls by K-nail for 0.75€

Little Purple Flower Jewels by K-nail for 0.75€

Little Pink Stars by Nail Korea for 0.75€

Art Nail Stickers by Easy Paris for 0.75€

Black Máscara by Carlo & Roma for 1.00€

Transparent Máscara by Carlo & Roma for 1.00€

Cute White Bear Keychain for 1.75€ (brandless)

Jewelry Accessories by PLW for 0.75€

That's all I got at the first shop.
Now, what I got at the second:

30cm x 40cm Photo Frame by Vidro Moldura for 2.20€

Hello Kitty Surprise Bubble Keychain by Dolci Preziosi for 1.00€
I love this collection! I think I'm gonna at least get a few more~ They're too cute! And I love the candy that comes with it~

Grey Nail Polish by Cliché for 1.00€. This grey is called França(= France).

And at the last shop I visited, I bought these:

Fake Medium French Nails with Slight Glitter Kit by Opoola for 1.80€

That was a lot of shopping! Don't you think?