Sweety Makeup

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Here's the shopping I made these past few days:

At Jumbo I bought this promotion sale, two products for the price of one.
Normally, it's a false promotion, and you end up paying more then the price they say you would, but this time, it wasn't.
Next to this exact product was the shampoo, individualy, the same one I got in this pack, and it was exactly the same price, so I decided: "Well, If I really have to buy the shampoo anyways, why not take the promotion and try out this new product?...".

Elvive Shampoo Total Repair 5 + Elvive Conditioner Spray Total Repair 5 by L'Oréal Paris for about 3.95€(not sure about price, but wasn't more then that).

The next day I went downtown a bit and did a little shopping again:

Cell Phone Sock by Lollipops for 2.90€

Stickers for 0.50€ each.(brandless. were bought at chinese shop)

Beibeijia Doll by Maxbiju for 3.00€
I can't believe I found this at a random little shop! These are so adored on the internet!
As soon as I saw one behind the shop's windows, I had to at least check it out...
...Who am I kidding?! I bought her right away!
I think I'm going to wait some time and go back to the shop, to ask the nice lady if new dolls are coming soon! :)

Hello Kitty Surprise Bubble Keychain by Dolci Preziosi for 1.00€

DoReMi Dress Up Stickers by... Elite I think?, for 0.80€