Sweety Makeup

Sunday, June 6, 2010


After school last Friday, I went downtown with my friend.
We tried out a bunch of cute clothing, but a lot of them didn't suit us well, so we didn't buy practicly any(and alsow we didn't have much money :P).
I bought some stuff though: a necklace, a pair of earings and a dress.
Here they are:

Necklace bought at a shop called Esquimó for 2.50€

Earings bought at the same store, Esquimó, for 1.60€

Dress by Pull And Bear for 17.95€

And alsow sorry, because in the last Shopping entry, I forgot to photograph a Hello Kitty dangler I got on the same day, so here she is(I think she is very cute! :) ):

Hello Kitty Dangler by Sanrio for Gashapon for 1.00€