Sweety Makeup

Sunday, June 20, 2010

1st Nail Deco

This was the first time I put decorations on my nails other then the nail polish.
I wanted to try out the
peach colored hearts I bought recently and the transparent pearls too:

I think they look cute and very simple!

Good for a first try~

What I wanted to test more is if the pearls and hearts would stick well to my nails, wich they have. I did them 4 days ago and have done all my normal day stuff and not a single pearl or heart has come off or moved either! I didn't use nail glue, I just used nail polish to glue them and 2 or three coats on top of them(mainly 3 on the pearls nail and on the hearts 1 or 2 coats).

This nail polish color is Renda by Risqué, and I used a random brand of transparent nail polish over it.

I can't wait to use the red hearts and silver nail polish!