Sweety Makeup

Thursday, June 17, 2010


On Monday, I went to school to check my grades and see where my exams were.
When I left, I went to a few chinese shops to do some cheap spoiling for myself. :P
So here's what I bought:

At the first shop I bought:

A cute Air Mail Letter shaped wallet/necessaire. It's an imitation of Hello Kitty, Kikky, but I didn't even think twice about that! I love this little pouch because it's very cute, original, unnusual to see and adorable. Being it an imitation of HK or not! It was 4.50€. Kinda pricey, but I think it was worth it. (:

Little Red Hearts Nail Art by Easy Paris for 0.75€

Little Peach Colored Fabric Hearts by Easy Paris for 0.75€

Little Transparent Pearls by K-nail for 0.75€

Little Purple Flower Jewels by K-nail for 0.75€

Little Pink Stars by Nail Korea for 0.75€

Art Nail Stickers by Easy Paris for 0.75€

Black Máscara by Carlo & Roma for 1.00€

Transparent Máscara by Carlo & Roma for 1.00€

Cute White Bear Keychain for 1.75€ (brandless)

Jewelry Accessories by PLW for 0.75€

That's all I got at the first shop.
Now, what I got at the second:

30cm x 40cm Photo Frame by Vidro Moldura for 2.20€

Hello Kitty Surprise Bubble Keychain by Dolci Preziosi for 1.00€
I love this collection! I think I'm gonna at least get a few more~ They're too cute! And I love the candy that comes with it~

Grey Nail Polish by Cliché for 1.00€. This grey is called França(= France).

And at the last shop I visited, I bought these:

Fake Medium French Nails with Slight Glitter Kit by Opoola for 1.80€

That was a lot of shopping! Don't you think?