Sweety Makeup

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Field Trip

I went to Constância yesterday.
It's such a beautiful place!
I was in love with so many flowers~
I brought some stuff home:

Two packs of sugar with recipies on the other side. I collect sugar packets (:

Pen with Dalmatian that punches with the help of little levers behind the pen, and when your writting, a red light inside it lights up. Bought it at a chinese store for 1.00€

bob pins were bought at the same chinese shop as the doggy pen, they were 1.50€. That Hello Kitty sticker came in a box of cookies I bought at a supermarket(I was a bit hungry ;P) for 1.45€

Winnie The Pooh Pez container was bought at a Galp station where we stopped for 5 minutes on the way back home, it was 2.95€

And although I did collect a few more flowers at Constância, I only took one home... A beautiful water lily I was able to snatch before somebody saw me :P

I love water lilies. They smell heavenly and they're so pretty... And I feel mesmerized with the fact that they grow from the bottom of the pond, to the serface of the water. Of course, like any other flower, with half a day passed since I picked it, it was dying, but as soon as I came home, I hoped it wouldn't die and I put it in a little bowl of water, to see if it would survive, and I think it did!
The petals are getting stronger again!

I know it's still between life and death, but see those petals that are very straight at the bottom? Those are the one's that are stronger, and now all of the petals are stronger! Alsow, strong enough to have closed itself for the night (: