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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hello everybody~

Hello everybody~ I hope everybody is doin' ok!
Haven't written here for a few months and I missed it!
Summer was awesome~ I just really needed to put aside my blog and take a big long brake; sorry!
I don't have anything new to show you guys, and I don't think I will be able to like I used to. I don't have a camera to photograph stuff to show you guys, that's one reason, and the other is that I'm having a very busy school year, so it's still going to be difficult to post even without photos.
I hope you guys are still gonna keep following my blog and enjoying it!


Friday, July 30, 2010


A week or so ago I went to school to take care of some stuff.

When I was coming home, I stopped at a chinese store to buy a thing or two for my hair.

I don't know what happenned to my favourite claw hair clip, so I had to buy another one, I felt a great lack without it! Especially because I always have it in my purse and take it anywhere or use it anywhere.

So here are the two simple things i bought:

Pink Hair Sticks for 0.50€

Claw Hair Clip for 0.25€

I don't like it very much... It's much more visible then the other, it hurts a bit and it's a bit larger. Oh well, it will have to do for now~ It's ok. I'll look for one better the next time I go downtown~

And a bit ahead, I passed by my local Goldsmith and bought 2 new pieces for my Chamilia bracelet.

My mother promised me she would buy them if I passed this year. (:

Silver Pink Rose Mom Bead by Chamilia for 26,50€

Silver Birds Nest by Chamilia for 30€

I talked about them some months ago,
remember? (:

But I've decided to change the meaning of the pieces to a simpler reason:

The rose represents my mother;

And the nest represents me ending the 3rd cycle(it works that way here), and completing those 3 years in that cycle(3 eggs for each cycle). I like it that way better~

I brought back home a small catallogue because I gave the other one I had to my BFF.

In the afternoon, I went out to buy a new mouse. My computer's original one was not working properly anymore.

While I did go to the store to buy a new one, I passed through some other stores and bought a few things for me~

Computer Mouse by HP for 12€

It works very well and is similar to my old one (:

Jolie A5 notebooks by Tilibra for 1.39€ the first and 0.69€ the second.


So lolitish, girly and cute! Not to menshion adorable!!

But they're So expensive! T_T I'll join money and buy them anyway! xD

The first one has a personal data sheet on the back of the front cover and a schedule board too.

The second one has two sheets with a super cute memory game~

There were bigger A4 notebooks wich had a sheet full of stickers on the first page but they were very expensive!... Still want to buy them though~ xD

Fresh Milk Scented Candle by Color Baby(I think... I'm not sure, sorry~) for 1.85€

Ariel Light Up Fluffy Pen by Disney for 1.80€

Finally!! I have seen these pens EVERYWHERE for the last year and I never got lucky enough to find an Ariel one!

I love the detail of her name on the pen. It is similar to her signature in The Little Mermaid.

That's all for now. Thanks for viewing!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I went downtown with my friend and bought 2 new shirts. Both shirts I loved and had regreted not buying before! ;P

They are both adorable and look very cute on me of course. ;D

Pink Puffed Half Sleeve Shirt with Black Polkadots(sorry for the photo, it was a last minute snap shot before I wore it for the first time~) by Zara for 5,99€

Tank Top from the Barbie & Pull And Bear collaboration for 9,99€

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Present

My father bought me a present a few weeks ago!

It's a watch I have been dating in the show window of a goldsmith in downtown.

I loved it since I first checked out Swatches newest collection at their site and saw that one.

And I was lucky enough to find it here in my city!

I love it and it is very handy now that my Puzzle Motion Disco Vibe has stopped. Haven't gotten the time or money yet to go to my local goldsmith and try to repair it. Of course, it's probably just a dead battery~ :P

Here's a photo:

It's called Choco-Latte, a very sweet name haha! P:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Personalized Dangler

Remember the dangler me and my friend have in different colors from my last post?
Well, I personalized mine~
I really have wanted lately to put a dangler with ponpon's or a ponpon dangler on my cellphone, but I didn't want to stop using my BFF duckie or put two different danglers...
...So I put my hands to work and made a chain with pon-pon's on my duckie dangler! (:

I took the chance to use my oldest ponpons, wich I had been saving for a project like this~

Here's some quick photos of the process:

Here's the before and after pic:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


About a week and a half ago, I went to the mall to do some serious shopping!
I was going to freak out with all the wonderfull sales all the stores had!
It was very rare to find a store without a sign in the windows or in the store saying they had sales!
I went home very very happy because I did not regret not buying one single thing-- this because everything I liked or wanted, I bought it! Hehe! xP

So here are my wonderfull founds:

UV Protection Make Up Base With SPF 15 by Red Earth for 2.00€

Douglas was making a giant discount on a section of their store with only Red Earth products!
Everything 2€ only! EVERYTHING!!
From Make Up Bases to Eyeshadows, and from Lipsticks to Make Up Removers, all for 2€ each!
This sale was gigantic! Especially the foundations! Foundations that costed 22.50€ were there for only 2€!
Although the only thing I bought was this make-up base, I thought it was a wonderfull sale!
Unfortunatly, I am not a girl that uses more then foundation and máscara when I start my day, so none of the eyeshadows convinced me.
The lipsticks had all colors that wouldn't look very good on me, and the foundation was kinda too light for my skin right now.
So... Although I complemented Douglas and Red Eath a lot right now, I didn't spend much money with them~
Still! If next year Douglas has a sale like this one, even if on another brand, I'll pamper myself more!

Denim Dress by H&M for 10€(Was before 15€)

Puffy Shorts by H&M for 10€(Were before 20€)

Black Plain Dress by H&M for 7.50€
My mother bought this actually, but since were both the same size, she said I can use it if I want too instead of buying a 2nd one. I thought it wasn't necessary, since I only like black dresses in the summer to use during the evening or night, like for a dinner. Black is so hot under the sun! I'd roast! xD

Rainbow Bear Bracelet by Claire's for 2.50€

Rainbow Bear Necklace by Claire's for 2.50€

Ballerina Shoes BFF Necklace by Claire's for 5€

Message In A Bottle Necklace by Claire's for 4.95€

The little paper inside says "Once Upon a Time". It is small and discret but at the same time very original and a big surprise when people look at me closer. It goes well with any piece of clothing!

Duck With Pon Pon Afro by Claire's for 1€

Jewel Duck Dangles by Claire's for 5€

I bought this and split the money after with my BFF. We both use them as a(nother) symbol of our friendship! (:

Merry Go Round Necklace by Promod for 5€

Gautama Buddha Electric Fountain by Casa for 20€

I bought this fountain for my mother. She loves it! I love it too, it's very relaxing to hear the sound the water makes. (-u-)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Away For 1 to 3 Weeks

Hello Everybody!
I'm sorry, but I have an urgent problem to solve and I am going to be away for some time.
This time may be just 3-4 days as it can stretch to 3 weeks maximum.
I am very sorry for my followers but I really need this time for myself right now.
Thank you all, and don't worry, I will make some posts today to catch up(I am very late on my posts!), and get them all up to date today.
They will be scheduled and for the next few days you will still receive posts every 2-3 days.
But when they are over, I will not post 'till I have anything new to show you.
And sorry, I am going to stop my shopping for some time now.
The city fair is coming and I am gathering money to have a wonderfull time!
Bye for now!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cereal Box Prize and Remember McDonald's Happy Meal With Real Toys?

My mother bought a box of cereal I haven't eaten in years the other day, and it came with a cute prize inside:

A Donkey figurine!

He was my favourite character in all 3 movies.
I'm thinking of going to the teater to see the 4th!

It's cute because it's better then most of the prizes they send in cereal boxes, it is a white figurine to paint ourselfs.
I like prizes that pull the imagination of kids. I think were having a problem with that factor.
Have you seen McDonald's Happy Meal toys lately?...
...To people my age and older, do you remember Beanie babies?
Do you remember the barbies with real hair, not plastic?
Remember creative Hot Weels that even the girly girls though were cool to play with?
Remember Hello Kitty figurines and plushy keychains of her friends?

God I miss these all...
Lately, once in a while, McDonalds comes up with a collection or two that are cute, creative, fun to play with, that actually do something cool or attractive, but not like they used to.
I think we've gotten to a point that repetitive toys in happy meals would be better then cheasy non-playable new toys...

Just one major detail: if they brung back Beanie Babies, I'd totally eat happy meals! Haha! :P


Here's another coordinate!
My hair was a bit messed up because I took a quick snapshot after coming home from grocery shopping and my feet were slipping out of my sandals(strange, this has only happenned once or twice before and I have these sandals for a year now). But everything is included this time! (:

What Am I Wearing?
(from head to toe)
  • Fake Braid Hair Band from Claire's(you can't see it, but it's there);
  • Earrings by Claire's;
  • Necklace by Claire's;
  • Bracelet by Claire's
  • Dress by H&M;
  • Watch by Swatch;
  • Tote Bag by Sanrio;
  • Sandals are "brandless"(bought at a chinese shop).


My parents got back from they're trip and brung some surprise goodies for me~

This cute Hello Kitty Tote Bag:

I love it!

And a simple souvenir too:

Monday, July 12, 2010

Shopping + Improvised Banana Split

Here are some stuff I bought a week ago.
I was only able to post them now, sorry~

Tank Top from the new Barbie collaboration between Mattel and Pull And Bear for 9,99€
I fell in love with this collection when I saw it at PullAndBear.com and As soon as it came I bought it! It looks cute on me, and the white one too~ I regreted not buying the white one, but it's ok. If I get the money and it's still available, I might buy it.

Ice Cream Bowl by VIVA. (Don't remember the price sorry. But I remember it was much cheaper then the original price, I think it's Sale was of -30% or -50%.) I've already made an Improvised Banana Split in it, haha!Take a look!:

Vanilla Ice Cream, a Banana, 3 drops of Honey, A bit of sprinkled sugar and on top a small cake! P:
Mmmmm... Yummy!~
Haha I put that cake on the top because It was the last one from the little party we had the day before and I wanted to eat it so it wouldn't go to waist~ hihi

Lime and Coconut Scented Candles by Soluti(...I think. I'm not sure of the brand. Either that or they were made by VIVA) for 3.50€

Decorating Jewels for 0.50€ each at a chinese shop

Funny Erasers for alsow 0.50€ each(The dogs cost 0.50€ both and the ocopus cost another 0.50€. I spent just 1€) at a random stationer's.