Sweety Makeup

Friday, April 9, 2010

R.I.P. Snoopy (&)(L)

Today is a sad day.

My aunt's doggy passed away today. He was suffering too much and he could have never recovered, so they put him to sleep. ):

Snoopy's in doggy heaven now~

Well, all I have to give you guys today is this week's issue of the portuguese CUORE; I bought it today.

BTW, if you know portuguese(or not) and want to save some few €'s, or are just curious, just comment and I'll publish scans of the whole magazine; I don't mind! (:

Here's a very quick scan of this week's cover:

And I reserved at the local goldsmith(i thought it was called jewelry shop, but Google translated goldsmith~) two new pieces for my Chamilia bracelet, and my mother says she will buy them if I pass this year at school with good grades.

Here are photos of them from Chamilia's online catalog:

The bird's nest represents this wounderfull spring were having this year, and the yellow one represents me having completed this year.

But now I regret having reserved the yellow one and I talked to my mother about it, because I already have a golden piece on my bracelet and would prefer to have a different color that I don't already have instead of another yellow looking one.

So tomorrow I'm going to the goldsmith and appologize for the mess up(especially because the yellow one was the last one and she reserved it just for me), but instead, I'm reserving this pink rose that says mom, as a gift from my mother.

The lady that works there knows me well and my family, so she'll probably say it's ok and reserve the flower instead of the yellow jewel.