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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Buys Of The Week

It's been a while since I've made a Buys Of The Week post.

This is derivated since I've been posting what stuff I buy shortly after buying it.

Well, this week I'm making a little summary. And although I have already shown you this weeks issue of CUORE, I'll include it here again(BTW, don't forget that if you want scans, I can get them. Just comment or email me).

So, here's what I bought last Thursday. It was this claw hair clip and this week's portuguese CUORE:

I've never had such a handy claw hair clip! I really needed one, but couldn't find the right one, until now!
I'm going to brag sbout it :D :

  • It's small(great to just put in my bag in case I need it later when I go out),
  • discret(although it isn't black, like the one i originally wanted[couldn't find it when I went to buy it, so I bought this one], but still kinda blends with my hair and doesn't "show up" much),
  • the claws are smooth(it doesn't hurt me while putting it on, and that way anything, like strings or such, that is in my bag at the same time as the claw is, won't entangle between the claws and be so difficult to take out[I had that problem with my last claw; it was a nightmare even to take my keys out of it!]),
  • it opens widely(my hair is thin, naturally volumus and i have a lot of it, so normally, only with the normal movements I make on daily basis, some hairs might get loose, but it can grab all of my hair at once, even if I fold it and it has to grab twice as much then (@_@)),
  • and the mechanism is strong(so I hope it's going to last some time!).
Resuming: I love it~ ♥

Well, that was what I bought on Thursday.

Now; what I bought on Saturday:

I went shopping on my own yesterday, but it's ok~
I found cute clothes, and they look very cute on me, and I alsow bought a new bag!
I haven't bought a new bag in ages~
This one is lovely, I wonder if my friends are going to like it too...
Two of my friends said it was; but they said it on the internet, do you think they're telling the truth? \(?o?)/