Sweety Makeup

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


About a week and a half ago, I went to the mall to do some serious shopping!
I was going to freak out with all the wonderfull sales all the stores had!
It was very rare to find a store without a sign in the windows or in the store saying they had sales!
I went home very very happy because I did not regret not buying one single thing-- this because everything I liked or wanted, I bought it! Hehe! xP

So here are my wonderfull founds:

UV Protection Make Up Base With SPF 15 by Red Earth for 2.00€

Douglas was making a giant discount on a section of their store with only Red Earth products!
Everything 2€ only! EVERYTHING!!
From Make Up Bases to Eyeshadows, and from Lipsticks to Make Up Removers, all for 2€ each!
This sale was gigantic! Especially the foundations! Foundations that costed 22.50€ were there for only 2€!
Although the only thing I bought was this make-up base, I thought it was a wonderfull sale!
Unfortunatly, I am not a girl that uses more then foundation and máscara when I start my day, so none of the eyeshadows convinced me.
The lipsticks had all colors that wouldn't look very good on me, and the foundation was kinda too light for my skin right now.
So... Although I complemented Douglas and Red Eath a lot right now, I didn't spend much money with them~
Still! If next year Douglas has a sale like this one, even if on another brand, I'll pamper myself more!

Denim Dress by H&M for 10€(Was before 15€)

Puffy Shorts by H&M for 10€(Were before 20€)

Black Plain Dress by H&M for 7.50€
My mother bought this actually, but since were both the same size, she said I can use it if I want too instead of buying a 2nd one. I thought it wasn't necessary, since I only like black dresses in the summer to use during the evening or night, like for a dinner. Black is so hot under the sun! I'd roast! xD

Rainbow Bear Bracelet by Claire's for 2.50€

Rainbow Bear Necklace by Claire's for 2.50€

Ballerina Shoes BFF Necklace by Claire's for 5€

Message In A Bottle Necklace by Claire's for 4.95€

The little paper inside says "Once Upon a Time". It is small and discret but at the same time very original and a big surprise when people look at me closer. It goes well with any piece of clothing!

Duck With Pon Pon Afro by Claire's for 1€

Jewel Duck Dangles by Claire's for 5€

I bought this and split the money after with my BFF. We both use them as a(nother) symbol of our friendship! (:

Merry Go Round Necklace by Promod for 5€

Gautama Buddha Electric Fountain by Casa for 20€

I bought this fountain for my mother. She loves it! I love it too, it's very relaxing to hear the sound the water makes. (-u-)