Sweety Makeup

Monday, July 12, 2010

Shopping + Improvised Banana Split

Here are some stuff I bought a week ago.
I was only able to post them now, sorry~

Tank Top from the new Barbie collaboration between Mattel and Pull And Bear for 9,99€
I fell in love with this collection when I saw it at PullAndBear.com and As soon as it came I bought it! It looks cute on me, and the white one too~ I regreted not buying the white one, but it's ok. If I get the money and it's still available, I might buy it.

Ice Cream Bowl by VIVA. (Don't remember the price sorry. But I remember it was much cheaper then the original price, I think it's Sale was of -30% or -50%.) I've already made an Improvised Banana Split in it, haha!Take a look!:

Vanilla Ice Cream, a Banana, 3 drops of Honey, A bit of sprinkled sugar and on top a small cake! P:
Mmmmm... Yummy!~
Haha I put that cake on the top because It was the last one from the little party we had the day before and I wanted to eat it so it wouldn't go to waist~ hihi

Lime and Coconut Scented Candles by Soluti(...I think. I'm not sure of the brand. Either that or they were made by VIVA) for 3.50€

Decorating Jewels for 0.50€ each at a chinese shop

Funny Erasers for alsow 0.50€ each(The dogs cost 0.50€ both and the ocopus cost another 0.50€. I spent just 1€) at a random stationer's.