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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cereal Box Prize and Remember McDonald's Happy Meal With Real Toys?

My mother bought a box of cereal I haven't eaten in years the other day, and it came with a cute prize inside:

A Donkey figurine!

He was my favourite character in all 3 movies.
I'm thinking of going to the teater to see the 4th!

It's cute because it's better then most of the prizes they send in cereal boxes, it is a white figurine to paint ourselfs.
I like prizes that pull the imagination of kids. I think were having a problem with that factor.
Have you seen McDonald's Happy Meal toys lately?...
...To people my age and older, do you remember Beanie babies?
Do you remember the barbies with real hair, not plastic?
Remember creative Hot Weels that even the girly girls though were cool to play with?
Remember Hello Kitty figurines and plushy keychains of her friends?

God I miss these all...
Lately, once in a while, McDonalds comes up with a collection or two that are cute, creative, fun to play with, that actually do something cool or attractive, but not like they used to.
I think we've gotten to a point that repetitive toys in happy meals would be better then cheasy non-playable new toys...

Just one major detail: if they brung back Beanie Babies, I'd totally eat happy meals! Haha! :P