Sweety Makeup

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shopping and Pastel Colored Flower Vase

Sorry for not posting for a week, everybody!
I just took some time off from the internet, plus the fact the I didn't have my camera to show you guys something new~

But here is something now: I bought some stuff some time ago(about a week maybe) and I made a cute pastel colored flower bouquet to decorate my room.

Here are the stuff I bought. No prices or shops this time, sorry...

At the first store:

At the second store:

And at the third store:

I'm planning on painting this bear and costumizing it. It's going to become very original!
Here's a photo of my cat with it, haha~:

That's my dog's nose in the corner~

And here's a few snapshots I took while I was making the bouquet:

Lamb chop liked them~