Sweety Makeup

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Here's a snapshot of the day I used my dress for the 2nd time.
I really wanted to take a photo on the first, but I used it for a dinner and I forgot to bring my camera...
Oh well~
It's ok though, because the only diference in my whole coordinate is that on the day of the dinner I was wearing my Chamilia bracelet and using my black cushioned purse, and on this day I wasn't. Haha, I look very cute in dresses~
PS: Oh my!! Those horrible drops on my mirror were from after my bath, when I flipped my hair foward to twist it in the towel and the water splatted my mirror! Good thing I cleaned it the next day~

What Am I Wearing?
(From head to toe)
  • Necklace made by me(it's a poodle that glows in the dark);
  • Dress by Pull And Bear;
  • Ballerinas by Stradivarius.
(What doesn't appear in picture)
  • Watch by Swatch.