Sweety Makeup

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Away For 1 to 3 Weeks

Hello Everybody!
I'm sorry, but I have an urgent problem to solve and I am going to be away for some time.
This time may be just 3-4 days as it can stretch to 3 weeks maximum.
I am very sorry for my followers but I really need this time for myself right now.
Thank you all, and don't worry, I will make some posts today to catch up(I am very late on my posts!), and get them all up to date today.
They will be scheduled and for the next few days you will still receive posts every 2-3 days.
But when they are over, I will not post 'till I have anything new to show you.
And sorry, I am going to stop my shopping for some time now.
The city fair is coming and I am gathering money to have a wonderfull time!
Bye for now!