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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NPOTW: Brown With Black Crackle

Hello everyone!
I've been busy, so I had to delay my NPOTW a bit; hope you don't mind~

But anyways, here it is: a slightly glittery brown with black crackle.
It kinda looks like an animal print, don't you think?

I first painted my nail just with 3 coats of Madeira by Cliché and a top coat of Ultra Secante, but I got the feeling that that color was a little too plain or just not my mood this week.

On Monday I went shopping and bought H&M's Black Cracked Nail Polish, and really wanted to try it out, so I did! It gave the perfect touch that I felt I needed on my nails~
I did sideways brush strokes on most nails, but did vertical strokes on two just to see which look I liked best.
I topped it off with a coat of Ultra Secante like always~

Unfortunately, my right ring fingernail broke it's tip on Saturday and my index finger on my left hand suffered even worse; the whole nail broke off!

Oh well~
I hope they both grown back to my preferred size until Halloween. I've got a plan of what I'm gonna wear on my nails for Halloween already! :P

Here's a quick look:

Looks cool, huh?

Well, thanks for viewing!