Sweety Makeup

Monday, September 5, 2011

NPOTW: Pastel Lilac

Hello viewers~

Here's my NPOTW: pastel lilac~

I LOVE this color so much!! I've worn it before several times~

I applied 3 coats of Yes Love's #Y32 and 1 coat of Cliché's Ultra Secante.

I had a few imperfections because I did my manicure at night and I guess it didn't totally dry even with the fast drying top coat, and it had some marks from the sofa's covers when I got up the next day, haha! xD

But nothing that ruined my manicure or even my day, hehe~

Also, I took this photo before i got all the little bits of nail polish that stayed on my skin off of it, but it was just because I wouldn't have the time to do it later and I really wanted to get this posted on time~

I hope you like it!

Thanks for viewing~