Sweety Makeup

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Field Trip

I went on a field trip today~
We went to a mosque.

It was nice to learn differences between cultures and religions.

Then, we lunched at Dolce Vita Tejo.

There's so many shops there!

I just loved it; I hope I can go there again!

I bought:

This black cushioned tote bag at Primark for 7€.

I put that keychain on it just to make it a bit cuter. :P

This mint and chocolate chip ice cream lip gloss for 2.50€ and the pack of PEZ for 2.50€ too, both at Claire's.

It was a shame we had so little time to spend at the mall... ;_;

But it's ok!
After that, we went to help at the Banco Alimentar(Food Bank) at Palmela.
We had so much fun there! (:

After the trip, I was so tired, I waited for my other collegues to get out of class, so I wouldn't have to go homw alone, and we all went home together. (:

When I got home, I felt so tired, I just layed on the couch right away for some good 15-20 minutes and then I took a nice calm bath! :D

I loved this day~