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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Buys Of The Week

This will be the first entry I make of "Buys Of The Week".
Every week I can, I'll post here what I bought that week and talk a bit about them.
This week, since I bought very few things, I'll add what I bought two weeks ago too.
Let's start:

What I bought two weeks ago:

I bought these three because I don't have any "real colored lipstick".
The first one is my favourite, the second is cute, but I don't like it as much as the first, and the third is a classic strong red, always fun to have in a make-up kit.

This is a cute pink-pastel colored nail-polish that I like to use when I'm going to wear calm springish colored clothes.

These are all simple lip balms that have different scents.
The first smells, and tastes, heavenly. It tastes like pure mint.
the second smells like strawberry, but doesn't taste much like it; and the third is supposed to smell like watermelon, but unfortunatly, it doesn't. The tester of the lip balm smelled very much like watermelon, so I was sad to find out that the lip balm only smelled like a new eraser.
Ok, I know these two looks like simple pale lipsticks or lip balms but actually they are dark circles correctors.
I bought two shades because I always tan and get darker during the summer.

What I bought this week:
Cute, isn't it?
It's a mirror with a small comb inside.
It's very handy.

That's all for this week!
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