Sweety Makeup

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Field Trip

I went on a field trip the other day!
It was lot's of fun~

I bought these little treats:
The acessories are for me, but the egg I got for my mother~
Cute, aren't they?
The earrings were bought at Pimpkie's, the egg at Hussel and the necklace at Pull And Bear.
I'm not certain about prices this time; so sorry for not posting them~
I saw a very cute bag right when I entered the mall, but when I looked at the price...

It rained very hard at a certain moment of the afternoon, but it stopped about 10-15 minutes later!
We went to a hindu temple and I took a picture of the statue of my favourite hindu goddess, Ganesha:
I had a lot of fun and expect to go on another field trip soon!