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Saturday, August 6, 2011

NPOTW: Sonho by Cliché


Hi guys! I wanted to show you how I set my manicure routine. This is the new thing I wanted to share and told you guys about in my previous posts!
It's very simple!

I paint my nails (including toenails) once a week. Once in a while the nail polish I use is so weak that I have to paint them again during the week, but that normally doesn't happen.

Most of the times I use a different nail polish color every week, but sometimes I repeat the polish, mainly because I have fallen in love with it at that moment~

But during the winter, I normally just use a transparent nail polish on my toenails, to keep them pretty. (:

Well, for now, during the summer break, I'll show you guys the polishes and looks that I'll be wearing; starting now!

This is the color I've been using on my finger nails this past week: Sonho by Cliché.
A pretty light pink~ I used 2 layers to give just a slight pop of color~

My nails are short at the moment because I cut them recently.
I am doing a garlic treatment to make them stronger and cutting them will also help; because I had long, pointy nails that would break easily. ;_;

They will be back to my favorite size in no time~

By the way; do you like my new ring?~ *