Sweety Makeup

Friday, October 21, 2011

UPDATE! SCROLL DOWN! -- Change of Plans

Hello you guys~
I wanted to warn you all that due to my busy schedule, I will be posting my manicures at the end of each month and not every week like I was doing.
I hope you're not dissapointed, but I can't balance my blog activities with my school life, sorry guys... :(
But to give you guys a little love anyways, I'm going to post my personal Halloween goodies and a few sites with cute halloween templates on my other blog, My Treat Filled Halloween, so keep your eyes open! ;)
At first, I'll try to get them up this night(I live in GMT +0), but I haven't finished all of my work, so it might only be up tomorrow night, depending on the time I have in hands.
But tomorrow night it will be there for sure~

Bye for now, and thank you for reading!

UPDATE: Here's the blog post I promised you guys: Halloween Blogger Templates. I can't promise I'll have my Halloween goodies posted by Monday morning, but I'll try posting them as soon as I can!